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Sunday Drive To The Chinook Arch Meadery

Sunday Drive To The Chinook Arch Meadery

I organized a Sunday Drive event for the EV community for Sunday September 11 to a very cool location just outside of Okotoks, the Chinook Arch Meadery.

Chinook Arch Meadery offers up amazing selections of honey products, select smoked meats, ice cream and award winning mead.  The owners and staff are awesome people, very friendly, helpful and informative.  They offer up tours of both the bees and honey production as well as the meadery, making this a venue for all ages.

The venue was a hit for everyone! Adults and kids alike enjoyed the indoor bee hive, the ice cream and the outdoor hay bale maze. The adults liked the mead samples, smoked meats and honey products. For many of the electric vehicles owners who attended, mead was a new experience and it seemed that everyone enjoyed it.

We had several people interested in electric vehicles come out to get information and check out the event with a couple even coming from as far away as Lethbridge to be involved.

Overall, this was a fantastic day, a great venue, awesome people and a trip worth doing over and over again!  It was great hanging out with other EV owners and going someplace cool.  Huge thank you to all who came out!

Check out the pictures in the gallery.

Come join in the fun on future Sunday Drives!  Check out the events calendar for what we have planned next!


Getting Ready For a Busy Week!

Getting Ready For a Busy Week!

National Drive Electric Week is upon us again and we are getting ready to take it on in style!

To start it all off, we have the Calgary Drive Electric Expo coming up on Saturday.

This event is bound to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to interact with the general public to answer questions on EVs and show what is available. Well worth coming out if you have an EV and even more worth while if you are looking to take the EV plunge!  Learn about EVs from the people who know – the owners!

IKEA is hosting the event again and celebrating EVs with us!  A huge shout out and thank you to IKEA for their involvement.

We follow this event up with a Sunday Drive where we will again have EVs on hand in an out-of-the-city location at a very cool spot. This event proves that EVs are not limited to urban environments and breaks the fears of range anxiety. What better place to do that than at a meadery?  Come join in the fun and check out what Chinook Arch Meadery and the Chinook Arch Honey Company have to offer!

This makes for a busy start of National Drive Electric Week, but we are not done!

We next follow this up with the September EVAA Coffee Meet!  Come join us for a coffee and chat on all things EV!  Wednesday is the date and Tim Hortons is the place for EV owners and people interested to come and have a beverage and talk about the EV world.

Central Alberta, don’t feel left out. We have action for you as well!

Edmonton Drive Electric Expo is up for the following Saturday and is again going to be an awesome time!  Lots of vehicles, lots of knowledgeable folks and lots of fun for all!

Southgate Centre is hosting the event for Edmonton this year and celebrating National Drive Electric Week with us!  Huge shout out and thank you to Southgate Centre for their involvement!

Now, all we need is you!  Come join in on one or all of the events you can and be a part of our community and National Drive Electric Week!

See you there!

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap Up

This was a fairly busy but good weekend with both the Brentwood Sustainability Festival on Saturday and then the Sunday Drive to MacKays Ice Cream in Cochrane on Sunday.

Donna and I had a lot of fun at the Brentwood Sustainability Festival this Saturday, where we got to talk a bunch of very cool people interested in electric vehicles, solar electricity, aquaponics and solar cooking. Although the turn out was small, the event was enjoyable and the smaller numbers meant that we could spend more time with the folks that did come out.

Electric vehicles were of top interest at the event, with just about everyone sitting in the cars and getting to know more about them. The usual concerns were raised on range, winter driving and inabilities to charge the vehicles, all of which we addressed with real information.

We had our 2016 Leaf SL and had been told that a Tesla would be joining us.  Imagine our surprise when a 2014 Fiat 500 E rolled in and parked beside us and no Tesla came.

Dave, the owner of the Fiat, had another display set up in the field, so we did some fast research on the vehicle so we knew at least something about it if people asked.

This vehicle was brought in used from California as an old lease by a friend of Dave’s who is setting up a company (sorry, he did not have the information on the company) to bring in used EVs, refurbish them and get them the out of province certification for Alberta.

While we were doing research we ran into an interesting article on leasing a Fiat 500 E in California and how it leases for a three year term for as little as $49.00US a month. (Canadian Government, are you seeing this? This is how you push EV adoption!) The article is well worth a read and a wake up call to what could happen if the Cafe regulations were enforced here like they are in California.

Check out the photo gallery on the 2014 Fiat 500 E.

By the end of the event, we had several people re-thinking electric vehicle adoption and the positive benefits they have to offer.

Huge thank you to Alan Nagal from Sun Country Highway (who set us up for going to the event when he could not attend) and Andrea Teruel Diez who organized the event!

The following day had us going out to Cochrane for the Sunday Drive to MacKays Ice Cream.

We decided to go out early and have lunch while we were there. We stopped in at the Half Hitch Brewing Company and took advantage of the charger they have for a top up for the day.

This out of the way brewery would not have gotten our business and we would not have gotten to know about or eat at a very cool location in Cochrane if it was not for having the charging station. This is a perfect example of how installing an EV charger (of which they have both a standard level 2 charger and a Tesla charger) can pay off both ways. Having the charging station on PlugShare allowed us to find it and was a perfect method of advertising for their company. Hats off to the Half Hitch Brewing Company being trailblazers and aiding in the EV world!

Good food, cool location and friendly staff.
Definitely an EV stop to go to!
We will be back!

After lunch and a charge, we went off towards MacKays Ice Cream and walked around the town shops. There are a bunch of very cool and unique place to check out that are well worth taking the extra time to explore! It was also a great way to burn off lunch and make room for the Ice Cream.  After the exploration and controlling the impulse buying, we went off to stand in line for Ice Cream at MacKays.

The line was fairly short when we got there, but by the time we came out, it was half way down the street. The entire experience brought back some childhood memories for me and it still amazes me how iconic the place is after all these years.

We got our ice cream and went out to find a bench to enjoy it after doing a short stop by the Leaf for a fast picture. This gave us an opportunity to talk to a group of other people about the EVAA and electric vehicles who were sitting at an adjacent bench.

Over all, it was a great day!
But how could it not be?
Electric vehicles, a nice drive, lunch and a charge, ice cream and time shared with great company always make for an awesome day!

Huge thanks to MacKays Ice Cream for being the awesome iconic place of yesteryear maintained to today!

Hope to see everyone at our next event!