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Ford Ranger ICE conversion to EV

Ford Ranger ICE conversion to EV

I had the pleasure of being able to meet up with Terry Orr last week to check out his Ford Ranger conversion from an internal combustion engine to a full electric vehicle.

To be honest I was not sure what to expect before arriving at his home in Calgary.

I had seen little more than a short video of a Ford Ranger moving from a backyard parking stall to running up and down the alleyway, with the claim that he had made it work. At the point of seeing the video, I was already impressed enough to reach out to him to see about an interview or maybe getting some video, however when I spoke to him and found out that he accomplished the ICE to EV conversion on the truck in three weeks, I was simply floored and knew that this needed to be seen by people in his own words if at all possible.

I got to Terry’s house and we exchanging greetings, pleasantries and had a short chat about EV interests.

After a few moments of talking, he ran into his house and brought his wife and daughter out, pointing excitedly at my Nissan Leaf parked in front of his house exclaiming that he was so happy to see someone else driving one in Calgary. He lamented on his trip to British Columbia and how he saw so many EVs there and how few there are here in Calgary at this point. He talked about how hopeful he was that the EV adoption rate would increase here and that he hoped his contribution could help in it.

From there we went around into the back yard.

Bicycles were neatly parked by the back gate leading to a gravel parking pad with a Ford Falcon and a Ranger parked outside next to the garage.

Terry made mention that bikes are still his favorite mode of transportation for getting around his local community and talked a bit on his passions of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, but then the conversation started into cars.

Terry is very much a car guy.

He has played with a bunch of ICE vehicles over the years, including his Falcon that we did a fast look at before we started into the EV side of things. He said that he put an old Mustang engine into the Falcon but didn’t go with a big V8 like everyone else seems to want to go just to be different.

After a few short moments, Terry told me he wanted to wing the video and off we went.

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After doing up some of the video capture, Terry explained that he had a problem that developed on the Ford Ranger that morning as he was “tuning and playing” before my arrival and that the truck had a 12 volt power problem. He said that he had nothing going to his fuse box and as a result had no lights, signals, radio or anything else attached to it. He asked if I knew anything about electrical problems and tracking then down and faster than you can blink an eye, I was excitedly playing under the hood of his electric truck with his VU meter.

Within about 20 minutes we had found the problem and got it resolved; a simple ground bolt caused the issues of not completing the circuit.

I didn’t do much to help to be honest, but I am going to hold the bragging rights that in some small way, I got to work on a cool electric vehicle conversion and got my hands dirty (not really, his build was clean enough to eat off of)!

I left his house overjoyed with meeting him, talking about EVs, doing video, playing with his EV truck and the day.

Thank you Terry for a great meet and proving that you can be a “gear head” and “back yard mechanic” in an EV world and congratulations on your amazing EV conversion!

You can find out more about Terry and his conversion project on his blog at Forward Future Fun.