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Month: October 2017

Provincial Zero Emissions Vehicle Initiative In Alberta?

Provincial Zero Emissions Vehicle Initiative In Alberta?

I got a reply back from the Minister of Transport Chief of Staff, Peter Dalla-Vincenza today in regards to a petition and submission for a Zero-Emission Vehicle Strategy.
“Thank you for your email regarding access to electric vehicles (EVs). As Chief of Staff to Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of Alberta Transportation, I am able to provide the following information.
The Government of Canada is currently developing a National Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy. It is being led by Transport Canada and is set to be completed by 2018. Alberta Transportation is participating in the development of this strategy, which could lead to actions that increase adoption of EVs by Albertans.
At this time, the Government of Alberta does not offer any EV programs for suppliers or consumers. However, as part of the work to support Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, Alberta Transportation is currently assessing potential options to best support the uptake of EVs in Alberta.
As Alberta Transportation moves forward with determining how it can support EV adoption, we understand the need to focus on both supply and demand issues.
I appreciate you sharing your concerns and hope this information is helpful.
Peter Dalla-Vincenza”
The down side is that from all the contacts I have that are involved with the ZEV initiative from the Federal level, it is unlikely that the Q1 deadline for the ZEV will be met and if nto met, less likely that it will even be met within the next year.
With the Provinces and Municipalities taking a wait and see attitude on the Federal ZEV initiatives, positive change looks rather dismal.
I believe we need more of a grass roots movement to promote those changes and to both push and advise the government in a more proactive approach.
I would like to bring together anyone interested in the creation and vetting of submission documents to the Provincial Government, the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan, and Alberta Transportation to assist them in assessing the options and understanding our position.
If you are interested in being a part, please let me know and lets make it happen.
Electric Vehicle Society Needs Your Help!

Electric Vehicle Society Needs Your Help!

Electric Vehicle Society Needs Your Help!

EV Society is a non-profit EV advocacy group working on behalf of EV owners in Ontario.
They have submitted a project idea to the AVIVA Community Fund for a chance at up to $100,000 in funding that will help us educate our fellow Ontarians about the benefits of EVs.

We’re asking for your support by voting for our project.
(voting closes Oct 19)

Follow the link below to register; you’ll be given 18 votes.
(please cast all 18 for our project.)

Please register and Vote at


Another Great Coffee Meet!

Another Great Coffee Meet!

Last night had us at the October Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta EVAAB Coffee Meet where we got to meet some old friends and some new.

I believe I have started a conversion of some of the folks from the aquaponic side to checking into electric vehicles and although we did do some talking on aquaponics before the EVAAB coffee meet, there was also a bunch of electric vehicle conversation talked about as well.

We had the opportunity to meet the Chen family at the meet.

They recently got both a Nissan Leaf and a Chevy Volt that they seem very excited to have. They brought the Volt to the coffee meet and allowed us to check it out!

I only managed a couple pictures of the Volt in the parking lot after the meet.
(I have to work on getting more table shots of the actual turn out.)





Again, the meet was full of good conversation and thoughts on moving forward in electric vehicle adoption.

Huge thank you to everyone who came out and took part in the night!
I cant wait to see you all again!

Pembina 2017 Alberta Climate Summit Was A Huge Success!

Pembina 2017 Alberta Climate Summit Was A Huge Success!

Last week had me at the Pembina 2017 Alberta Climate Summit with our 2016 Nissan Leaf.

The Summit was awesome, very informative and amazingly busy. (So busy that I did not even get the chance to take a single picture.)

I only managed to sit in on one of the panels on “Renewable Energy” for the event and spent the rest of the time talking to people on electric vehicles and electric vehicle adoption.

At the end of the event I was without voice, but pumped up and inspired.

I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to all of the folks who put together the Pembina 2017 Alberta Climate Summit, contributed and to everyone who attended.

It was a fantastic and amazing event that I hope to be a part of again in the future (and with luck actually getting some pictures)!