City of Calgary EV Charger Update

City of Calgary EV Charger Update

I received an e-mail update from Eric MacNaughton from the City of Calgary on the EV charger updates to pass on.

(I removed the direct contact links to Eric to stop the issues of the internet, but if you would like to contact him and would like the links, send me a note and I will pass them on to you. )

From Eric:

With charging infrastructure being one of the top barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption, The City of Calgary and Calgary Parking Authority are pleased to announce the installation of 42 new EV charging stations in three downtown Calgary Parking Authority locations: Convention Centre Parkade, McDougall Parkade and City Hall Parkade.

The new charging stations are being installed at no cost to taxpayers thanks to the Tesla Charging Infrastructure Municipal Grant. Those who use the charging stations will only have to pay the regular rate for parking. Along with six pre-existing Level II stations, 48 CPA charging stations are now available for all plug-in EV models, with both Tesla-specific and universal plugs placed in six locations throughout the downtown core. These stalls are currently reserved for EV-use.

The City is working with other levels of government, utilities and neighboring municipalities to ensure Calgary is ready for the anticipated adoption of EVs. With the introduction of initiatives like the Peaks to Prairies EV Charging Network, declining EV purchase costs and new federal rebates coming available, EV ownership is becoming more of a reality for Calgarians. The City of Calgary’s Electric Vehicle Strategy can be viewed on

Further information about the CPA’s 48 Electric Charging Stations, including locations, monthly contracts and frequently asked questions, is available at For questions regarding The City’s Electric Vehicle Strategy, please contact Eric MacNaughton

Thank you!

Eric MacNaughton, P.Eng.

Happy Earth Day 2019!

Happy Earth Day 2019!

EVAAB Call To Arms for 2019

EVAAB Call To Arms for 2019

2019 is underway and about to give us an opportunities to advance EVs in a very big way.

We are about to head into an election year on both the Provincial and Federal levels. This is an opportunity for us to first off garner the positions of the political parties and understand their platforms as it relates to electric vehicles.

I have been putting out the call for participation in generating questions for all the parties for submission and would like to further extend the invite for others to participate.

Further this, I would also like to update and add to the submission documents to the government on electric vehicle advocacy and adoption that I created and submitted in 2016 (which can be found here ) I would again like to extend an invite for participation on the creations of these documents.

As a continuation of last years attempts, I would also like to establish an official EVAAB not for profit organization to make it easier to work with municipalities, businesses, organizations and groups while creating a solid set of guidelines and goals for the EVAAB long term. I again invite participation in creating the not for profit group and ask for board member applications.

I have set up a coffee meet for February 6, 2019 to discuss these and other topical items. I hope to see you there.

Calgary news of note we have learned so far this year:

It seems that in Calgary, Brasso Nissan is no longer selling or maintaining electric vehicles. All inquiries for purchasing and maintenance have been met with a redirection to Royal Oak Nissan.

Word has it that the Calgary Chinook Mall Tesla location will be shutting and the Tesla charging stations will be removed from the mall within the next month.

Both of these pieces of news are disheartening and feel like a step backward for Alberta and specifically the Calgary area. They do show however, the need for the Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta to pick up the torch and work together to turn the tide.

Please consider joining the efforts.

I look forward to working with you and making a positive impact this year.

The Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans to the City of Calgary Utilities and Corporate Services committee of Council on June 13

The Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans to the City of Calgary Utilities and Corporate Services committee of Council on June 13

The Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans will be presented to the City of Calgary Utilities and Corporate Services committee of Council on June 13th.

Over the last year there has been a lot of work put into strategic planning on green initiatives for the City of Calgary on everything from land use through to transportation and energy use. This planning has culminated into action plans that will be presented to the City of Calgary Utilities and Corporate Services committee of Council for them to weight in on and potentially adopt.

A large component of this plan is involving electric vehicle, land use as it applies, charging infrastructure and adopting incentives.

The City of Calgary Council meeting will be June 13, 2018 and give you the opportunity to be a part of the information share and voice your opinions on the strategy and action plan.

The meeting agenda and the plan documents will be available here on Friday June 8, 2018 for public review:

The public is welcome to attend this meeting, and anyone in attendance will be invited to speak for 5 minutes each on the topic of the plans (if you so choose).
You are invited to come and share your perspective!

Written comments can be submitted to City Clerk ( or to the Councillors’ offices directly (

This will have huge implications on the adoption of electric vehicles and the direction of Calgary’s future.

Please come and make your voice heard!

Calgary EVAAB April Coffee Meet Date Moved!

Calgary EVAAB April Coffee Meet Date Moved!

Due to the City of Calgary’s closed session (as in invite only) on the City of Calgary’s Electric Vehicle Strategy being held on the proposed date for the Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta Calgary Coffee Meet, we have been forced to move the date from April 18 to April 25 so that I can attend the city event.

With luck I will have some insight that I can share at the coffee meet as a result.

Sorry for the short notice, but I only got the information of the Calgary date today.

I hope to see you all at the coffee meet!

City of Edmonton Survey On Curbside Charging

City of Edmonton Survey On Curbside Charging

I received an request from the City of Edmonton to get the word out on a survey on the curbside EV charging project that the City of Edmonton and ATCO are cooperating on.

Image result for city of edmonton logo“The project will be the first of its kind in Alberta, providing EV charging opportunities for Edmontonians and visitors as well as an opportunity for people to see and experience how EV charging works. ​We would like to hear from EV owners and potential owners as we feel that they are uniquely positioned to provide us with key insights on their preferences when it comes to where these stations will be located in Edmonton. ”

To complete the survey, click here. The survey is open until March 7.

For more information about the project contact Howaida Hassan, Senior Environmental Project Manager, City of Edmonton at 780-508-9584, or Jeanie Chin at 780-508-4677

You can also learn more about the City of Edmonton’s work on this project and electric vehicles generally at

Please participate in the survey and share the information to help get the word out.

February Update

February Update

Things have been a little slow on the local Electric Vehicle front over the past couple of months, but it sounds like that is about to change.

First and foremost is the Flo/ATCO Energy/Canadian Tire level 3 charger that is in Calgary that has not seen much in the way of progress of completion to meet the expected January activation date. In conversations with ATCO Energy, the date has been pushed back to the end of February for a completion date. In the conversation, there was no word on why there is a delay to complete the install or why they did an announcement so far from activation of the level 3 charging infrastructure let alone the installation of the level 2 chargers and method of payment.

I was told “We are currently anticipating to have the chargers (both L3 and L2’s) available for public use by the end of February.” I was also advised that there will likely be another public announcement when it goes live.

I asked why the location they chose on Macleod Trail Calgary was selected over that of the Canadian Tire Gas Plus in Pacific Plaza off of 3516 8 Ave NE, Calgary which would have been a closer charge point for both the East- West (16th Avenue) and North South (Deerfoot Trail) Corridors to which I was told “The charger locations were chosen by our partner, AddEnergie.  I believe it’s based on consultations with Canadian Tire.  I will get in touch with AddEnergie to see what was their basis for choosing the Macleod Trail location.  I will also pass along the suggestion for the one in Pacific Plaza to them for future expansion opportunities.”

I have been advised that there are some “big things” coming down the pipe from ATCO and the City of Edmonton with curb side charging following up on the announcement made during the corridor presser. I will be sure to update everyone as soon as I know anything.

Strathmore Peavey Mart has had a slight problem with the Sun Country Highway level 2 charger attached to the store for the last couple of weeks.

It seems that someone attached to the charger and somehow “drove away” while it was still connected according to a Sun Country Rep. The damage is expected to be repaired by January 15 if all goes well.

This information leads me to a few questions.

I was under the impression that an Electric Vehicle would not be able to be put into gear while it was in charge as a safety feature (I know that this is the case for our Leaf for sure). This makes me ask if this was the actual cause of the damage or if it was something else entirely.

(I would be interested in hearing about other electric vehicles and the ability to driver while having the charge ports connected for better clarity on the subject. Jump into the conversation on Facebook in the EVAAB Facebook Group Page to be a part of the conversation.)

In any case, for those of you who are looking to use the charger at Peavey Mart in Strathmore in the near future, it may be a good idea to contact them ahead of time to see if they have it repaired first ((403) 934-4915).

I have also heard some unconfirmed rumors that there may be a few new additions to the level 2 charging infrastructure with some being set up in Beiseker and another set up in Priddis and yet another in Longview.

(When I heard Longview I got a little excited that this may be a start of a level 3 connector to B.C., but so far it sounds like this is not likely the case (at least for this install). I will keep my hope high however.)

All locations are said to be private company installs but should be in play be end of March.

If you hear of any charging installs of note taking place in your local area, please let me know so we can help get the word out.

I have set up the February Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta Coffee Meet for being  February 21 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at Tim Hortons 6815 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB. I pushed the date out a week from the normal date around the middle of the month as to not conflict with Valentines Day. I know we all love EV’s, but I thought it may be prudent to adjust the date to accommodate the people in our lives.

I hope to see everyone at the coffee meet!

Stay warm and charged!


ATCO, Flo and Canadian Tire Gas Plus Alberta North – South EV Charging corridor

ATCO, Flo and Canadian Tire Gas Plus Alberta North – South EV Charging corridor

For anyone in Alberta and involved in electric vehicles, November 28, 2017 was a fantastic day.

ATCO, Flo and Canadian Tire Gas Plus made an announcement of an electrified Alberta North – South corridor connecting Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary.

The announcement was held at the Calgary location at Canadian Tire Gas Plus 9940 Macleod Trail S.E. where a Level 3 fast charger has been installed and locations for level 2 chargers are waiting to be installed. Although not active yet, the Calgary fast Charger is expected to be live and functional in January of 2018.

French interviews:

Along with this announcement, stations are currently being installed at Canadian Tire Gas+ locations in Red Deer and Greater Edmonton area for a total of 3 fast chargers creating the corridor.

The locations of the charging stations are:

  • Greater Edmonton: 169 Ordze Ave., Sherwood Park, AB T8A 2G4, Canada
  • Red Deer: 5908 Gaetz Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 4C3, Canada
  • Calgary: 9940 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 3K9, Canada

This announcement is important for the ability of electric vehicles to make long distance driving more convenient and practical. The universal fast charging infrastructure is available every 150 km or so along Highway 2 between Edmonton to Calgary.

With having the fast charger available with both a CHAdeMO and a J1772 CCS connector, all vehicles able to take advantage of the fast charge service will be able to connect up.

Image of a CHAdeMo Adapter
CHAdeMO Adapter

Image of a J1772 CCS Adapter
J1772 CCS Adapter

As a redundancy, in the event of a failure of the fast charger or line up for the fast charger service, the level 2 chargers will be available to fill the need.

The Fast Charger by Flo is a 50kW service and is accessible by either a credit card payment or a prepaid account with Flo. The rate for level 3 is $20.00 per hour for charging and is billed to the second while connected and drawing power. For the average 30kW battery, the charge would be around $6.50 and would take roughly 30 minutes.

The Level 2 structure will be a 7kW service, but no price was announced on it for use.

As an update on December 1, 2017, ATCO Clarified the charging prices: 

Level 2: $1.50 per hour – average time to charge is 3-4 hours (varies) – you are charged by the second
Fast charger: $20 per hour – average time to charge is 30 minutes – you are charged by the second

There is an expected announcement coming up next year about an East – West corridor enhancing the viability of the charge network and making electric vehicle use even more simplified.

With Alberta now having roughly 1000 electric vehicles registered on the roadways, this infrastructure is a welcomed sight and cause for celebration. It is however still well inadequate for the province and leaves many locations inaccessible and in need. This however seems to be coming in the near future according to the hints left by the folks from Flo and ATCO.

Something you may have noticed in the videos, and worth mentioning is that ATCO brought out a new toy to the announcement in the form of a 2018 Chevy Bolt.

Comparing it out against the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, it very much looks like the two had a love child to produce the Bolt.

I had a bit of a chance to take some pictures of the vehicle (and maybe even drooled in it a little). I can tell you that from what I saw, I am very impressed with it and would have loved to have spent a little more time with it on a street review. Sadly not in the cards for this adventure, but it was awesome to have the chance to at least check it out.

According to ATCO this is the second electric vehicle in their fleet for Alberta.

The Bolt is well marked, so it should be easily spotted in the wild if you are looking for it.

Please post up and share pictures of the rare sighting of any Electric Vehicle you see in the wild to the EVAAB Facebook Group so we can all enjoy them!

Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta November Coffee Meet

Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta November Coffee Meet

I would like to extend an invite to anyone in the Calgary area who is interested in Electric Vehicles to come join us for our Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta November Coffee Meet.

November 15 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Tim Hortons 2616 39th Ave. NE Calgary, AB T1Y 7J9

Awesome people, fantastic vehicles, great conversation and amazing information to be garnered and shared!

Don’t have an Electric Vehicle but are interested in finding out if they are the right choice for you?
Come to a Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta Coffee Meet and get REAL information from people who actually own them!

Part of the coffee meet will be a break out group to discuss the Province of Alberta Zero Emissions Vehicle Initiative and brainstorm over a petition submission and submission documents.

Reference documentation can be found here for those interested in taking part in the breakout group.


Canadian EV Numbers Are In

Canadian EV Numbers Are In

The latest data sheet is out for EV sales from Green Car Reports (click link for full data sheet) .

The Chevy Volt and Bolt EV continue to top the Canadian market for new plug-in electric cars during October.

Chevrolet sold 424 Volts to start the fourth quarter, down slightly from 483 in September.

Leaf sales somewhat stalled as the old models are cleared out but expected to pick up with the new 2018 version coming on the market.

Tesla is still holding strong with one of the strongest-ever sales months for the model S.

Ford and Hyundai declined to provide sales data for the Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Fusion Energi, and Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid

Over all, the plug-in electric share of Canada’s new-vehicle market reached 1.19 percent in September, the first month it landed above the 1-percent threshold.

The high side is we are still seeing growth in the EV sector!