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City of Calgary EV Charger Update

City of Calgary EV Charger Update

I received an e-mail update from Eric MacNaughton from the City of Calgary on the EV charger updates to pass on.

(I removed the direct contact links to Eric to stop the issues of the internet, but if you would like to contact him and would like the links, send me a note and I will pass them on to you. )

From Eric:

With charging infrastructure being one of the top barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption, The City of Calgary and Calgary Parking Authority are pleased to announce the installation of 42 new EV charging stations in three downtown Calgary Parking Authority locations: Convention Centre Parkade, McDougall Parkade and City Hall Parkade.

The new charging stations are being installed at no cost to taxpayers thanks to the Tesla Charging Infrastructure Municipal Grant. Those who use the charging stations will only have to pay the regular rate for parking. Along with six pre-existing Level II stations, 48 CPA charging stations are now available for all plug-in EV models, with both Tesla-specific and universal plugs placed in six locations throughout the downtown core. These stalls are currently reserved for EV-use.

The City is working with other levels of government, utilities and neighboring municipalities to ensure Calgary is ready for the anticipated adoption of EVs. With the introduction of initiatives like the Peaks to Prairies EV Charging Network, declining EV purchase costs and new federal rebates coming available, EV ownership is becoming more of a reality for Calgarians. The City of Calgary’s Electric Vehicle Strategy can be viewed on

Further information about the CPA’s 48 Electric Charging Stations, including locations, monthly contracts and frequently asked questions, is available at For questions regarding The City’s Electric Vehicle Strategy, please contact Eric MacNaughton

Thank you!

Eric MacNaughton, P.Eng.

Happy Earth Day 2019!

Happy Earth Day 2019!

EVAAB Call To Arms for 2019

EVAAB Call To Arms for 2019

2019 is underway and about to give us an opportunities to advance EVs in a very big way.

We are about to head into an election year on both the Provincial and Federal levels. This is an opportunity for us to first off garner the positions of the political parties and understand their platforms as it relates to electric vehicles.

I have been putting out the call for participation in generating questions for all the parties for submission and would like to further extend the invite for others to participate.

Further this, I would also like to update and add to the submission documents to the government on electric vehicle advocacy and adoption that I created and submitted in 2016 (which can be found here ) I would again like to extend an invite for participation on the creations of these documents.

As a continuation of last years attempts, I would also like to establish an official EVAAB not for profit organization to make it easier to work with municipalities, businesses, organizations and groups while creating a solid set of guidelines and goals for the EVAAB long term. I again invite participation in creating the not for profit group and ask for board member applications.

I have set up a coffee meet for February 6, 2019 to discuss these and other topical items. I hope to see you there.

Calgary news of note we have learned so far this year:

It seems that in Calgary, Brasso Nissan is no longer selling or maintaining electric vehicles. All inquiries for purchasing and maintenance have been met with a redirection to Royal Oak Nissan.

Word has it that the Calgary Chinook Mall Tesla location will be shutting and the Tesla charging stations will be removed from the mall within the next month.

Both of these pieces of news are disheartening and feel like a step backward for Alberta and specifically the Calgary area. They do show however, the need for the Electric Vehicle Adopters of Alberta to pick up the torch and work together to turn the tide.

Please consider joining the efforts.

I look forward to working with you and making a positive impact this year.

Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta

Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta

Welcome to the first of many posts for the website!

Our goal is to promote electric vehicle adoption in Alberta with information, reviews, events and advocacy.

Stay tuned for the exciting stuff to come!