2017 National Drive Electric Week Calgary

National Drive Electric Week is a celebration of electric vehicle adoption and a means of being able to reach out to the general public to expose them to and educate them on electric vehicles.

The Calgary Electric Vehicle Expo event is just one of many that take place in North America.

Here are some of the pictures of the event. 

Simons Level 3 Charger Grand Opening Edmonton 2017
August 23 2017 was the grand opening of the Simons Level 3 charger at Londondary Mall in Edmonton.This is the first level 3 charger in Alberta and was a hit by many EV owners on the first day!
Simons L3 Charger Grand Opening Edmonton - Andrew Batiuk

Edmonton had a grand opening for the Simons L3 Charger in Edmonton at Londondary Mall.

This is the first level 3 charger in Alberta

Picture credit to Andrew Batiuk

Coffee Meet Calgary 2017
Once a month EV owners and perspective adopters meet up for a coffee and share information on electric vehicles.These meet ups happen all over the city of Calgary and are open to everyone!Check out the Events Calendar for the next Coffee Meet!
Coffee Meet Calgary August 2017

This was our first coffee meet and although the numbers were small, it was an awesome time and fantastic conversation!

Resulting from this meet, once a month we meet up for a coffee where EV owners and perspective adopters can get together and talk about electric vehicles.

Check the Events Calendar for details on our next Coffee Meet!

Sunday Drive Calgary 2017
Once a month we go on a Sunday Drive to interesting locations around Calgary.Check out the pictures of the places we have been!
September 2017 Sunday Drive - Chinook Arch Meadery

I put together a Second Sunday Drive event for the EVAA that had us out to the Chinook Arch Meadery where we got to sample some mead, had ice cream and met with a bunch of very cool owners and potential owners!

August 2017 Sunday Drive

August 2017 Sunday drive was a trip to MacKay Ice Cream with a stop off at the Half Hitch Brew Company for lunch.

Fantastic day, awesome drive and good company! What more can you ask for on a Sunday Drive?

Brentwood Sustainability Festival Calgary 2017
Brentwood holds a sustainability festival each year showing the public a means of living in a better way.On August 19, 2017 we were there to represent the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta and show our 2017 Leaf SL along with some solar cookers.
2014 Fiat 500E

While doing the Brentwood Sustainability Festival in Calgary, August 19, 2017, we had a display companion vehicle join us of a 2014 Fiat 500E.

This vehicle was brought in used from California as an old lease by a friend of Dave’s (the owner) who is setting up a company (sorry, he did not have the information on the company) to bring in used EVs, refurbish them and get them the out of province certification for Alberta.

Images of 2016 Events
2016 Events

Pictures of the 2016 events