It is worth keeping in mind that EV owners make up less than 1% of the registered vehicles on the road in Alberta and that Alberta has one of the lowest rates of adoption in Canada. Incentives offered in other provinces for EV adoption are not in play in Alberta and the level 3 charge infrastructure, of which there is only one location in Alberta, is currently inadequate for long distance commutes. These, among other issues, are seen as part of the challenges facing EV adoption, but are actually opportunities that we are able to work together on to make positive change.

The government on all levels sees that EV adoption would be a major factor in meeting our climate change goals and cutting costs in health care, with that said, there are still many hurdles to overcome as we make the transition. There are many strategies being put in place from the various levels of government related to electric vehicles but at the moment, several are just being created with release dates slated for around 2018 and thereby very fluid in details.

The Federal government is developing a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) strategy to be released Q1 2018 (see the Pan-Canadian Framework link) which may influence decisions at both the Provincial and Municipal level to a great extent, as a result, the initiatives at both levels are “slowed down” as they wait for details.

To keep up to date on the strategies, there are a few websites that can offer insight:

Federal Level:
Expected to finalize the Canadian EV Strategy in Q1 2018
Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change

Provincial Level:
Expected to finalize the Alberta EV Strategy in Q1 2018
Alberta Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel

Municipal Level:

City of Calgary
Expected to finalize the Calgary EV Strategy in Q2 2018.
City of Calgary Electric Vehicle Strategy website

City of Edmonton
Expected to finalize the Edmonton EV Strategy in Q2 2018.
City of Edmonton Electric Vehicle Strategy website 

Simply put, the best and most effective advocacy is attending the public group functions.
Giving real information, explaining your experience and showing your EV to the public interested in EV adoption is the best method of getting the word out and making change.
If you do not have an EV but are supportive of the movement, come to the events as well, be informed, involved and have a bunch of fun while you are at it.
Check out the events calendar for your next opportunity to be involved.

Movement Sites: is a collaboration between five Canadian organizations and institutions working to advance electric mobility: The Atmospheric FundClean Energy CanadaEnvironmental Defence CanadaEquiterre, and the SFU Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team. Petitions:
Ban Gasoline and Diesel Cars in Canada by 2040 or Sooner

Federal Government Incentives For Canadians Purchasing New Electric Vehicles

Applications and sites for finding Charging Stations:
Plug Share

Matthew Klippenstein Spreadsheet on EV’s:
Electric Vehicle Adoption Numbers, 2011 to Date