Original draft documents created by Gordon Hayes with editing by Donna Hayes.

The documents listed are working documentation and were submitted to the Alberta Provincial and Canadian Federal Government in September of 2016.

These documents are presented as resource base material for brainstorming for the petitioning of the Province of Alberta for a Zero Emission Vehicle Initiative.

Main Document and Terms of Reference:
Electric Vehicle Adoption Proposal In Alberta – Terms Of Reference – Version C1

Proposals based off of the Terms of Reference Document:
Proposal – Building Code Requirement for Electric Vehicles – Version C1
Proposal – Electric Vehicle Marketing – Version C1

Proposal – Enforcement of CAFE Regulations with Minimum Requirement for Zero Emission Vehicles Version – C1
Proposal – Green Highway – Fast Chargin Stations for Electric Vehicles – Version C1
Proposal – Home Retrofit rebates – Version C1
Proposal – HOV Lane Access for Electric Vehicles – Version C1

Proposal – Incentives for Retraining Automotive Technicians for EV Repair and Maintenance – Version – C1
Proposal – Modification to Power Creation and Distribution Regulations – Version C1
Proposal – Parking Incentives For Electric Vehicles – Version C1
Proposal – Public Urban Charging Infrastructure – Version C1
Proposal – Rebates and Incentives for Electric Vehicles – Version C1.0
Proposal – Toll Road and National Park Pass – Version C1

Replies to submitted documentation:
Transportation Minister Reply and Rachel Notley Reply
Reply Navdeep Bains MP on Zero Emission Vehicle Initiative